Shafiq Husayn - Lil Girl
Role: Direct // Shoot // Edit // VFX
Client: Plug Research
This was my first music video. I fell in love with the music. The video stars Avriel Epps, who is confined to a material world until Shafiq shows her the light. I did not have access to the singer of the song so I decided to create anonymity by having several girls sing the song. After cleaning out my garage and putting up a white paper background, I shot all the singing elements and afterward composited graphic art (created by Stephen Serrato) behind them. There are also a few cameos in the video. Of particular note was the cameo by Erykah Badu. I got this shot of her backstage during her show at the Hollywood Palladium. She returned to the stage for an encore immediately after this shot was taken.
Additional Credits: Steve Lee (2nd Camera)
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