Hawthorne Headhunters - Teleport
Role: Shoot // Edit // VFX
Client: Plug Research

I had a special interest in working with the Hawthorne Headhunters since they are from St. Louis originally like myself, but what really intrigued me was their music. Teleport gave me an opportunity to shoot in the unique and otherworldly location of Joshua Tree National Park. I really embraced the idea that a video could be purely a "vibe" and did not have to have a coherent story. I focused on creative framing and the use of light. I used a variable ND filter and created the fade to black transitions in camera by twisting the filter. I also linked the song's decibal level to the opacity/brightness of the video which created a tightly synced flashing effect that complimented what I had done in camera. I also had some fun compositing stars into daytime shots.
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